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Brooke – 47 lbs. Down!

One month after my 39th birthday, I was sitting at home thinking that something needed to change. I was a few pounds shy of 250, my highest weight ever. I had no energy and couldn’t keep up with my two boys. My eating was terrible and I was passing that habit on to my children. The next day, I walked into Namaste and met with Ronel. We spent an hour together discussing my goals and what had led me to this point. I signed up for the whole package that day. The next day I met with Tiffany. She took my weight, measurements, and a host of other numbers. I spent an hour speaking with her about a plan for me. Just for me. After the first week, I had a nutrition and weight loss plan.

3 months after my first meeting with Ronel and Tiffany, I have lost 33lbs and 35 inches and I am still going! I have learned what and how to eat and how to take better care of my body. Namaste is a family. I could not imagine my life without Tiffany, Ronel, Kurt, my 6:45am group, and amazing yoga instructors.

Shelia Moore

Namaste has a wonderful fitness gym and nutrition class!! It’s a great place to workout and meet new friends who become like family! Everyone is always willing to help you!! With the nutrition guidance and workouts you will succeed and meet your goals!! I highly recommend it!!

Robbie Septon

Namaste Fitness literally changed my life, and extended it as well! I came in not knowing what to expect, but the trainers at Namaste quickly became friends and ultimately family. The exact same is to be said about all of the other members as well.

At Namaste they meet you exactly where you are. No two stories are the same, and they are trained and equipped to help you formulate a plan to crush whatever goal you have! I lost 75 pounds in one year, and I am in the best shape of my life at 40 years young. I encourage you if you are on the fence to come check it out, and if you do, please come introduce yourself. I will be there at 8:15 every M/W/F.!

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