“Timing is everything…”

I had just finished a long distance team relay race and to be honest, I did not feel satisfied. I
started to doubt myself and say things like – I could have done better, what if I had been in
better shape, and big guys are not built to run these type races. Those thoughts led to – why
can’t I lose weight and will I ever regain my confidence? My family’s history of health problems
were driving these thoughts. All this led to one decision. I need to get healthy because I want to
be there for my wife and boys.

My change started with a single conversation. Tiffany listened. She asked tough questions and
she included my wife. I remember her saying “Trust the process and give it a chance.” That
conversation was 5 months ago. Today, I have lost almost 40 pounds, cut my body fat by 14%,
and added 12 pounds of muscle. Was it easy, NO! Was it worth it, YES! The workouts don’t get
easier, you just get stronger.

Namaste is more than the workouts, yoga, and nutrition. Namaste is a family. Tiffany, Kurt,
Ronel, and crew will challenge you to push towards plateaus you never seen before, to a place
you have not seen in a long time or ever possible again. Namaste”

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu