One month after my 39th birthday, I was sitting at home thinking that something needed to change. I was a few pounds shy of 250, my highest weight ever. I had no energy and couldn’t keep up with my two boys. My eating was terrible and I was passing that habit on to my children. The next day, I walked into Namaste and met with Ronel. We spent an hour together discussing my goals and what had led me to this point. I signed up for the whole package that day. The next day I met with Tiffany. She took my weight, measurements, and a host of other numbers. I spent an hour speaking with her about a plan for me. Just for me. After the first week, I had a nutrition and weight loss plan.

3 months after my first meeting with Ronel and Tiffany, I have lost 33lbs and 35 inches and I am still going! I have learned what and how to eat and how to take better care of my body. Namaste is a family. I could not imagine my life without Tiffany, Ronel, Kurt, my 6:45am group, and amazing yoga instructors.